Redefining coordination in DeFi

A DAO collective focused on researching and building next-generation coordination tools for decentralized organizations.

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Why PrimeDAO?

The programmability and composability of Decentralized Finance allow for the creation of complex financial transactions without the need to rally on centralized infrastructures – instead entrusting open-source and verifiable code. While the dApps are fully interoperable and can coordinate without friction, the individuals and resources creating the system cannot.

This friction has resulted in many inefficiencies such as security risks, hacks, underfunded teams, and plain out Ponzi's dominating the market - limiting the pace of innovation and overall potential of the industry. For Decentralized Finance to be able to provide a compelling alternative to the current financial system, secure and open access to all is needed, and coordination of the community will be necessary to bring it about.

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Who owns PrimeDAO?

PrimeDAO is not owned by a single entity; instead, it is governed and developed by the PrimeDAO contributors. The contributors collectively coordinate PrimeDAO's resources via PrimeDAO's governance.

PrimeDAO has been democratized and decentralized since inception with over 100+ governors.

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Prime Development Foundation

The Prime Development Foundation, based in Curaçao, provides PrimeDAO with a connection into the traditional legal and financial world. The Foundation is mandated to support the initiation and development of the network, and follows PrimeDAO guidance.

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