prime POOLS

Sustainable alignment at ecosystem level.

DAO-governed liquidity pools that bridge liquidity between allied ecosystems and create index pools.

non custodial financial index

Index harvesting for everyone

Through Prime Pools, PrimeDAO is able to govern Balancer liquidity smart pools — a type of permissionless index fund. Imagine a Prime DeFi Index, composed of safe DeFi protocols with the highest Prime Rating.

Prime Pools can create value-alignment between DAO ecosystems through co-liquidity provision, mutual skin-in-the-game, and co-farming.

Open Access
Anybody, anywhere, can access and invest in pools, without having to use any intermediaries, such as banks or brokerages.
Safe & Reliable
By pulling insights from Prime Rating’s security experts, users can count on only the most safe and reliable crypto‑assets being included in pools.
On-Chain Management
Pools are collectively and transparently managed on the blockchain. There are no hidden fees, and your funds are never under custodian control.

In Collaboration with

We can make the most effective pools - because of their technology


Balancer is an automated portfolio manager and trading platform on Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum.

PrimeDAO launched a Beta App on top of Balancer V1.


dHEDGE offers a platform for non-custodial, decentralized asset management on Ethereum and Polygon.

PrimeDAO runs the Prime DeFi strategy.

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